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Use, manage and commission the Terra AC wallbox easier than ever before. ChargerSync™ enables you to authorize and start/stop charging sessions with your vehicle. With full statistics you can transparently display energy consumption while charging but also track passed usage of your Terra AC wallbox, even for different users with the help of RFID cards. ChargerSync™ is available as a smartphone application as well as a browser accessible web portal.

ChargerSync App

The ChargerSync™ app is the smartphone application designed for the owner and user of one or a few Terra AC wallboxes. You can easily authorize, start or stop a charging session directly in the app. In addition to charging, the app is used to manage Terra AC wallbox. Network settings can be made, RFID cards or charging schedules can be stored. ChargerSync™ can also be used to evaluate statistics of charging sessions and estimated energy costs.

It is also possible to configure Terra AC for dynamic load management in this app using an external smart meter.

ChargerSync Portal

The ChargerSync ™ web portal is an alternative to the ChargerSync ™ app. The charger can only be used in one of the two systems. The web portal is particularly suitable for managing several chargers, even across multiple sites. Charger settings can be adjusted, RFID cards stored, and all charging sessions analyzed and evaluated. In addition to the remote administration of multiple Terra ACs, dynamic load management can be created for a group of chargers.