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Use, manage and commission the Terra AC wallbox easier than ever before. TerraConfig is the digital tool to perform a fast and safe commissioning of the AC charger, without opening the wallbox. Thanks to the web platform, you can prepare for commissioning efficiently, and the installer can quickly complete the work on site with the app. The smartphone app connects quickly and easily to the Terra AC via Bluetooth.

TerraConfig App

The TerraConfig app is the ideal tool for installers to commission the Terra AC Wallbox directly on the customer site. The smartphone app safely connects to the charger via Bluetooth, so there is no need to open the product to adjust dip switches or similar. TerraConfig is used to adjust the maximum power, configure free-vending mode or configure the charger for 3rd party OCCP backends. Thanks to the preparation in the TerraConfig portal, errors can no longer occur in the OCPP configuration.

TerraConfig Portal

The TerraConfig portal was developed for professional installation and electromobility companies that carry out commissioning for end customers. The web portal is used to create accounts for the TerraConfig smartphone app as well as to pre-configure OCPP profiles including certificates for secured WebSocket connections.