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Hello SMART driver, congratulations with your brand new wallbox. For safe and smart charging, please make sure your new Wallbox is installed by a certified installer. Should you have selected our installation package we will take care of this process for you. Once your charger is up and running, we are there for you to guide you through the next steps.

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Frequently asked questions


Please check the specifications of Smart charge@home wallboxes on the Smart Marketplace and choose the version suiting your requirements.

The pin code which is found inside the installation leaflet is an unique code for each wallbox which is needed for connecting the wallbox to the commissioning App. Please hand it over to the installer during the wallbox installation and afterwards keep it in a safe place. The pin code should never be lost.

The average charging speed with a single phase wallbox is about 15 Km per hour and with a three phase charger is about 45 Km per hour.

The maximum sound level of the Smart charge@home wallbox is 45 dBA at 1 meter. This sound is coming from the onboard charger inside the wallbox.

There are two types of Smart charge@home wallboxes, with 7.4 kW, 1 Phase up to to 32A and 22 kW, 3 Phase up to 32A.

The typical charging time to fully charge the vehicle with an AC wallbox is between 3 to 10 hours. This time will depend on the vehicle’s battery capacity and the starting state of charge.

The cable length of the Smart charge@home wallbox cable version is 5 meters.

The Smart charge@home wallbox with 4G feature supports Nano-SIM M2M type SIM cards.

All the Smart charge@home wallbox models are CE approved.

Smart charge@home wallbox does not have a cable holder. The cable can be wrapped around the housing of the wallbox.

Smart charge@home wallbox package includes: the wallbox, fixing materials for wall-mounting, RFID card, drilling template, installation leaflet including the wallbox pin code for the connection with TerraConfig commissioning App, Smart leaflet with QR code to the ABB landing page, Simplified EU Declaration of Conformity, Warning page and Multi-language safety instructions.


During installation of the Smart charge@home wallbox, the certified installer will make sure the wallbox is connected to the grid correctly.

The Smart charge@home wallbox works in offline mode and requires only the Bluetooth connection. Internet connection is not needed for wallbox.

The warranty period for the Smart charge@home wallbox is 2 years, from the date of installation.

The installation of the Smart charge@home wallbox must be done by a certified installer.

The Smart charge@home wallbox is made to be installed in indoor and outdoor environments. The IP rating of the wallbox is IP54.

The Smart charge@home wallbox has certain protections according to the standards like overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent protections which will prevent damaging the fuse. In addition, in order not to blow the fuse, the installer will set the maximum charging current during commissioning with TerraConfig App. Besides that, the wallbox supports load management feature with an external smart meter and if it was agreed, it will be configured by the installer during commissioning.


An ongoing charging session can be stopped by the RFID card which is inside the wallbox package.

The minimum required current by the Smart charge@home wallbox is 6A.

The Smart charge@home wallbox comes with one RFID card. This card only works with the Smart Terra AC Wallbox and can not be used in public spaces with other chargers.

If the Smart charge@home wallbox has already been paired with the Hello smart App, the charging process can automatically start via bluetooth when the charging cable has been connected to the car. In addition, the authentication can also be done via RFID card.


In case the pin code of the wallbox is lost, you need to contact the Customer Support team.

The C sticker is the fuel label indicating which type of EV connector is supported, either cable or socket. The C sticker can be easily removed but the local legislation needs to be checked first.

Subsidies may vary in different countries, regions, cities and are subject to frequent changes. Customers needs to verify and request subsidies themselves preferably before purchasing the wallbox.


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